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Value Enhancement

Some owners are not ready to sell in the near term, but are thinking two or more years out. They need a plan to achieve their objective. We will build that plan and help you monitor it along the way. We will show you what the value of your business is today, and listen to what you would like the value to be to sell and the timeline. Then put a targeted pro forma together with margins and growth rates to achieve the desired valuation. Additionally, we will rate and update our proprietary 10-point multiple range score. All this will be monitored and updated as often as you desire (quarterly, semi-annually or annually).

Below is a summary of our consulting services:

Initial review of 3-year historical profit and loss statements

Adjustments to determine EBITDA, add-backs and adjusted EBITDA

Revenue segment breakdown

Balance sheet analysis

Initial analysis of 10-point multiple range score

Initial valuation range

Target valuation and timeline

Target pro forma financials with margins and growth rates

On-going quarterly adjustments with updated financials

Updated 10-point multiple range score

Updated valuation range with rolling twelve months

To ensure that your business reaches its full potential and achieves the desired outcomes, we invite you to engage with us in this comprehensive journey. Our suite of consulting services, tailored to enhance your business’s value and align with your transition goals, is just the beginning. By leveraging our expertise in financial analysis and strategic planning, we can collaboratively navigate the complexities of business valuation and growth.

Breantwood growth

Digital Marketing Program To Increase Business Value

In Partnership with
Our strategic approach for home service and facility management businesses combines thorough market research, customized marketing efforts, and a strong online presence, all aimed at boosting lead generation and enhancing the brand. By adopting a comprehensive strategy that includes optimizing the website, leveraging both digital and traditional marketing tactics, and providing sales training, this method significantly increases the company’s value in the market and its attractiveness to customers.
Breantwood growth

Critical Factors
That Impact Company Market Value

Cash Flow and Profitability

A healthy business has adjusted net profit margins of 15%+ before ‘owner add-backs’. This is very critical in the overall valuation of the business.

Client Diversification

Depending on a single customer for more than 20% of your revenue leads to higher risk in a company’s stability.

Revenue Growth

Increasing revenue growth year over year is vital. More than 20% revenue growth is outstanding, 10% is higher than average, 5 – 10% is average, 3-5% is acceptable, and less than 3% is concerning.

Recurring Revenue

All buyers put a valuation premium on reoccurring revenue because of the regular, predictable income stream it provides. A greater amount of service and maintenance work increases value.

Lead Generation Program

Having a robust multi-channel program that consist of wrapped trucks (branding), local advertising, email, and SEO to “keep the phone ringing” is critical.

Size of team and staff

With the labor and employment challenges everyone is facing today the size, quality and loyalty of the entire staff is of vital importance. In addition, the ability to recruit, train and retain is critical.

Marketing Reputation Management

Buyers want the number of reviews and “star” ratings to be strong. This supports digital presence and lead generation. Buyers want the ratings and reviews to be in place and not have to build or undo negative reviews.

Management Team Depth and Transferable Process

The business must be transferable and not completely dependent on the owner to operate successfully. This is true for sales, operations, client support, and strategy. There must be a scalable and repeatable process the new owner can assume.

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