Appliance Service M&A Advisor & Broker

An Appliance Service Business Advisor Overhauls the Situation

If there is one thing you can count on (besides death and taxes), it is the fact that homeowners will need to call an appliance repair service at some point. Whether a broken down washer or dryer, a freezer on the fritz, or an oven that just won’t heat up, homeowners need their appliances to run smoothly so that they can continue their daily habits. Your appliance repair service, therefore, is very valuable. But at some point you may need or want to sell it, and it is important to know how to get the most from your business.

An appliance repair service broker can advise you every step of the way when it comes to the sale of your business.

How Can a Business Broker Help Sell an Appliance Repair Service Business?

Adjust the “Sales”

Like any good business owner understands, your time is extremely valuable. While you and your crews are racing around the city to take care of appliances that have broken, you just don’t have time for much else. But if you have gotten an inkling that you might want to sell your business, there are simply so many variables to deal with. A sell appliance service Company advisor can instruct you on the right way to sell your business without even breaking a sweat.

From full sales to partial sales, cash payments and earn outs, you need the help of an experienced appliance repair service advisor on your side for this type of transaction.

Regulate the Business Model

When you understand the current valuation of your company, you understand a lot. And if you are trying to sell your appliance repair service business, you definitely want to get all of its value back in the sale. But as with anything, there are intangibles that go along with the sale that are not obvious to the average business owner. With an appliance repair service advisor or appliance repair service broker on your side, these intangibles will become much clearer.

Good companies have owners who are hands-on, they have crews that have been with the company a long time, and they market effectively. Along with understanding what makes a good company, an appliance repair service business advisor can also teach you about market trends, the differences in companies whose revenue is under $1M versus $10M, and how to read a P&L analysis. All of this information is vital when it comes time to sell.

Look Out For Buyers

Many business owners pay so much attention to the businesses they are selling, that they forget to consider the buyer. But it definitely takes two to tango!

An appliance repair service M&A consulting session can set you on the path to understanding who your buyer really is. You need to understand the intricacies of the buyer so that you can market effectively and get the most out of your company. Does the buyer prefer commercial or residential businesses?

Do they want workers in a union, or do they prefer non-union employees? What does the buyer do on social media that would help you understand them more clearly? An appliance repair service advisor can take the information about the buyer and easily use it to your advantage.

Regulate Your Marketing

Let’s face it: You might have the best business in the world, but if you have shoddy marketing then no one will know your business at all. Let an appliance repair service business advisor show you how to beat out the competition with a stellar Teaser page and a highly-detailed CIM, the Confidential Information Memorandum that will show a prospective buyer everything about your company. An appliance repair service broker will also take care of details such as signing the NDA, so a prospective buyer can understand the information without risk.

All of these details are things you really don’t have time to handle while you are busy running your company.

Build an Investor List

Prospective buyers don’t just appear in front of you smiling, ready to buy your business. One clear advantage, then, of working with an appliance repair service broker is that they have a full list of eligible buyers ready to take a look at your business. Sometimes buyers are interested in breaking into a certain type of business, and sometimes they just know a good investment when they see it, but either way, you will more easily find people who are ready to jump into the appliance repair service industry if you have a trusted appliance repair service advisor.

Adjust the Price

As an appliance repair service business owner, you are used to wrangling dryer vents and dealing with pesky water dispenser lines. You need to conserve your energy for all the battles that play out each day at work. But if you want to get the most out of your business sale, you need the negotiation prowess of an appliance repair service business broker. They will fight the battles of negotiation for you, and they work hard on your behalf to build interest in your business and get the most from the competition.

Sort Out the Deal

Even if you clearly understand the workings of your appliance repair service business, there are just so many little elements that go into the sale of a business. From operation concerns to financial issues, legal issues and commercial obligations, the list is long. The legalities alone, with the Asset Purchase Agreement and other forms, can take a huge chunk out of your time.

Setting up an appliance repair service M&A consulting professional in this role will ensure that everything is done correctly, and that you have the room to breathe and to run your company.

Control the Narrative

Speaking of running your company, it is nearly impossible to run a company the way it deserves to be run, while also trying to sell it. Do you have an extra 3-6 months of energy and dedication, which is how long it typically takes to sell a business? There are endless phone calls, emails, meetings, and forms to fill out in the heart of a business transaction. The good news is, an appliance repair service business broker can take care of all of that for you.

Additionally, they can do so with discretion, because you don’t want your crew and customers to find out you are selling the business before it actually happens, or it could affect your current operations.


Sell an Appliance Service Business

Selling a business is not the kind of situation where you want to go it alone, and if you hire an appliance repair service advisor to help you with the sale, the whole experience will be much more palatable and lucrative.

Contact Brentwood Growth, a company who works hard on behalf of sellers, and who has a plethora of viable investors that are interested in your company. With attention to details and clear communication, we can assist you through your sale and take the burden off of you.

At Brentwood Growth we work with over 400 investing partners actively in the market to purchase businesses, and our successful track record speaks for itself. We provide seller side loyalty and work hard to earn your trust and advise you from start to finish. There is no retainer or monthly fee, as we are only compensated after a successful sale.

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