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Hire a Garage Door Broker So You Don’t Go For Broke

A true unsung hero, as a garage door business owner no one really pays much attention to you until their car or riding lawn mower is stuck in the garage because the door is broken. Even if the world doesn’t always appreciate you, you can appreciate your business and better understand its valuation with the help of a garage door business broker. And then when it is time to sell your business, the garage door advisor or garage door broker can do some of the heavy lifting for you and procure the best possible deal.

How Can a Business Broker Help Sell a Garage Door Business?

Clarify the Process

Odds are that you spend most of your time in a hands-on situation with your business, either working with clients, inventory, or your garage door technician team. This does not leave much time for understanding the process that goes into sell garage door Company. With a garage door business advisor on your team, however, the sales process will be much more clear. You will quickly learn the difference between a full sale and a partial sale. You will also understand the idiosyncrasies of an earn-out and a cash payment, as well as how involved you can choose to be in the sales process.

Define the Business

There are many elements that go into a business that raise its value. As the garage door business owner, you are so entrenched in the daily work that you probably don’t even understand all that goes into determining your company’s worth. For instance, if you are a hands-on owner, your business is more valuable. Likewise, if your crews have been with you for a long time, your business is more valuable. Other considerations include having up to date licensing. Additionally, there are stark differences between businesses with revenues under $1M versus those that are over $10M. Add to these facts the market trends, P&L analysis, and all the other technical details, and you can see what a garage door broker is so important.

Know Your Buyer

Along with understanding the intricacies of your own company, it is also imperative to understand the buyers that will be interested in investing in your company. A garage door M&A consulting will help you to ascertain that some buyers want union businesses, while some prefer non-union. Some prospective buyers prefer commercial businesses, while others prefer residential. Another facet to understanding buyers is to look at their social media footprint. If you align yourself with the right kind of buyer, you will be able to raise the bar on your deal.

Capitalize Through Marketing

All the best buyers in the world will not mean much if you are not able to reach them through solid marketing techniques. Creating a competitive edge is the most important reason for hiring a garage door business advisor. A high quality Teaser page will draw in the right buyers, and the highly-developed Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) helps prospective buyers understand the intricacies of the sale. A garage door advisor can create a marketing campaign that will get your business’s information into the right hands.

Understand the Contacts

As the old saying goes, “No man is an island,” and especially not someone who is trying to successfully sell their garage door business! It is nearly impossible to sell your business blindly. But if you align yourself with a garage door business broker, you will have a wealth of contacts at your fingertips. A garage door business broker has already vetted these candidates, and in addition to understanding these people, the broker also understands the process of getting an investor on board.

Get the Edge

Gone are the days when people paid the asking price in a real estate transaction. But honestly, with a full garage door business to run, you really don’t have the time or energy to haggle and go back and forth. On the other hand, a garage door broker has the knowledge and wherewithal to haggle on your behalf and drive up the price on your sale. Competitive bidding helps your cause, and a garage door business broker is well-versed in negotiating on your behalf.

Complete Due Diligence

While you are busy with garage doors, there is a whole slew of paperwork that must be taken care of when it comes to a sale. You must do your due diligence when it comes to all commercial obligations, as well as financial, legal, and operational concerns. Additionally, with any real estate transaction, there are many legal documents that go along with the process. A garage door M&A consulting professional will help you sift through all of the legalese on all the documents, including the Asset Purchase Agreement and the employment agreement.

Tame the Transition

Selling your garage door business will take more time than you realize. You will need to dedicate 3-6 months to a plethora of phone calls, emails, negotiations, and seemingly endless paperwork. This is nearly impossible when you are trying to keep your business afloat. And you need to do all of this in a confidential way so as not to induce anxiety in your workers. A skilled garage door broker will be discrete and skillful in keeping all of the sales balls in the air.


Ready to Sell Your Garage Door Business?

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