HVAC Business M&A Advisor & Broker​

Why Use an HVAC Business Broker or HVAC Advisor?

If you are currently the proud owner of an HVAC business, deciding if you want to sell it or not is both difficult and time-consuming.

Whether you own a business that has been passed down through your family for generations, or have only spent a few years growing your company, selling your business is not something you can leave to chance.

An HVAC business advisor or HVAC business broker will prove invaluable throughout the process of selling, and improve the process every step of the way. Not only can an HVAC broker or HVAC advisor offer you advice, but with this type of partnership in place for the sale, you will generally receive more money when the sell Hvac Company goes through.

So what can an HVAC business broker or HVAC business advisor offer to your bottom line?

Valuation Knowledge

Heating and cooling is a service industry, and there are many nuances that are part of this industry. An HVAC advisor understands the value in your HVAC business. They will discern whether the company crews have been on board a long time, how hands-on the owner is, and whether or not you have the proper licensing. These details are not always apparent at first glance, but will add value to your business. An HVAC broker would also understand the differences between a business with a revenue under $1M, versus one over $10M. Adding to this, the broker’s knowledge of market trends, buyer preference, P&L analysis, and hiring an HVAC business broker or HVAC business advisor is a wise move.

Transaction Structuring Knowledge

Just because you know how to run your HVAC business does not mean you necessarily understand the best way to structure its sale. The cost of purchase is just the tip of the iceberg. You also need to understand how much of the business the purchaser is buying. Will they own 100% of the business or some other percentage? Will the sale be a cash deal or is there an earn-out or the taking back of a note? What is the expectation of the buyer? Will they stay involved in the company? Does the equipment and inventory get sold as part of the deal? What real estate questions must be answered before the sale?

Buyer Preference Knowledge

Often in the sale of a business, the emphasis is placed on the seller and the business itself, without much thought to who is actually buying it. With HVAC M&A consulting, you will more clearly understand the desires of the buyer, from whether they want a company that deals with residential or commercial, to union or non-union, to their digital media presence. With intricate knowledge of the buyer’s desires, an HVAC business advisor can poise you for maximum exposure and profit.

Ability to Assemble Marketing Materials

Although you have the knowledge to run your HVAC business, turn to HVAC M&A consulting in order to professionally market the business. Not only will you need to create a clear and succinct Teaser page in order to sell your business, but you will also require a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), which is a complete overview of the business, the daily operations, the finances, and the growth potential. An HVAC business advisor can also help with the NDA, which must be signed to help potential buyers make informed decisions. Leave these highly intricate tasks to the professionals in order to market with success.

A Competitive Bidding Process and Strong Negotiation Skills

With a well-established list of buyers, the bidding process naturally becomes more competitive. And when this healthy competition is in place, the price and terms of the offer will be pushed to their highest limits. With a trained HVAC broker or HVAC advisor at the helm, sellers will often have several choices to deal with. An HVAC advisor can navigate the delicate negotiation process with ease, as they have vast experience in structuring a deal and finding creative solutions for hurdles.

Due Diligence and Legal Review

Once an offer is accepted, the transaction enters the due diligence phase, providing buyers with the necessary information and documentation so they can assess their risk. With financial, operational, legal, and commercial information, a business HVAC advisor will be able to present it clearly. A business HVAC advisor can also review the legal documents from a business perspective, such as the Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) and the employment agreement.

Sales Management and Confidentiality

Selling a business takes a great deal of time and energy, which can impede your ability to run your business. Often the sale of a business will last 3-6 months, and sales and profits must be maintained throughout this time. Through the highs and lows, a business HVAC advisor will keep the sales process going while also maintaining the necessary confidentiality that you will need in your business. With stellar communication, an HVAC advisor will run the sale while also creating the communication angle you need so that your staff will not experience uncertainty or anxiety throughout this process. With all the emails, phone calls, and meetings, an HVAC broker will take the burden off of you so that you can run your business well until it sells.

At Brentwood Growth we work with over 400 investing partners actively in the market to purchase businesses, and our successful track record speaks for itself.

We provide seller side loyalty and work hard to earn your trust and advise you from start to finish. There is no retainer or monthly fee, as we are only compensated after a successful sale. Contact us today to see how our HVAC business advisors can help you sell your business.


Value Enhancement

HVAC business owners work hard to run their businesses, but many times they do not plan accordingly for the sale. Factors such as key metrics and proper reporting could dramatically impact the valuation or sales process.

We develop a value enhancement plan so that your business can be best represented.

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