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A Pest Control Broker Assists You With Pesky Problems

When it comes to unglamorous jobs, a pest control company might take the cake. Who would want to deal with carpenter ants and termites and sow bugs on a full-time basis? But it is important to realize that your business has high value simply because you do the seemingly impossible and get your clients out of some serious bug trouble. A pest control business broker can help you see the valuation in your business, and set you up for success if you go to sell your business down the road.

How Can a Business Broker Help Sell a Pest ControlBusiness?

Debug the Process

With so much time on the road, dealing with crews and customers, you really don’t have a lot of time in your day to take on the entire process of sell pest Company. But if you join forces with a pest control business advisor, the right way to sell your business will become much clearer. Full sales versus partial sales, earn outs and cash payouts are all part of the process, and with a pest control advisor in your corner, you will be much more prepared for all of the intricacies of the sale.

Unearth the Business

With the daily grind of bug extermination, it is sometimes difficult to see the whole picture. But understanding the valuation of your company with the help of a pest control advisor can help you make little changes that can have a big impact. There are many elements that play into the value of your business that you may have never understood before. For instance, the longer your pest control crews have worked for you, the more valuable your company. Also, if you are a hands-on owner, your company also holds more value. Without a pest control business broker, you probably would not realize the differences with revenues under $1M versus for businesses that are over $10M. And without a pest control advisor’s help, you would really have to dig to find out all of the technical information, such as the P&L analysis and market trends. All of these lessons are vital for a successful sale.

Strategize for Buyers

As a pest control expert, much of your communication with clients has to do with their frustrations and worries over pests that have infiltrated their home or business. But selling a company is a whole different type of business, and you might not be privy to the types of buyers that you can attract. A pest control M&A consulting session can help you see the whole picture in your search for the buyer that is right for you. Does the buyer favor commercial or residential businesses? Or are they interested in a union force or non-union? Additionally, you have a lot to learn from the imprint of the buyer’s social media footprint. Understanding all of these variables will be much easier with a pest control advisor.

Tell Your Story

You run the type of business that does not always have to worry about marketing. When people have a bug problem, they will come to you so that they can find relief from the creepy crawlies. But when it comes to selling your pest control business, there is a lot of competition, and you need to work hard to find the right buyers. You need to beat out the competition if you want to yield a high sales price, and this all depends on your marketing. With a quality Teaser page and a more highly-developed Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) a pest control business broker will work hard to put your company’s information into a prospective buyer’s hand.

Find the Right Investor

While you are busy eradicating pests from the world, it will be tricky for you to find the right kind of investor. A pest control business broker, however, already has a full list of vetted candidates that can make the job of selling your business much easier. You don’t have to just reach out blindly, but instead you will have investors already aligned that are interested in sharing your goals.

Drive Up the Price

You need to save your energy to fight fire ants and hornets. But you also would need to haggle and compete to drive up the price of your business if you choose to sell it. In order to have both things happen simultaneously, get onboard with a pest control broker because they have the knowledge and energy to fight the competitive fight for you. Negotiations are important to gain the most from a business sale, and a trained pest control advisor can get more out of a sale than you can.

Get the Bugs Out of the Deal

Just as you have to de-bug homes and businesses, you need to make sure there are no bugs in your sales transaction. With so much to pursue, including the operational concerns, legal and financial issues, and the commercial obligations of your company, having a pest control business advisor to help you will go a long way in a successful sale. There are also many legalities that are part of the process, and a pest control M&A consulting professional will assist with the employment agreement and the Asset Purchase Agreement when it comes time to sell.

Control the Transition

If you are trying to run a business while pursuing a sale, you will likely find yourself in over your head. With the need to dedicate 3-6 months to a wide variety of tasks related to the sale, you will lose the time and energy you need to run your pest control business. With so many phone calls, emails, and negotiations, the work seems endless. Additionally, you want to do this whole process on the down low so that your current employees and clients do not feel anxiety about the situation. A skilled pest control advisor will juggle all of these balls in the air with discretion and skill.


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