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Sell a Restoration & Remediation Business

How to Sell Restoration and Remediation Business

When people need the services of your company, they REALLY need you, and this makes your business extremely valuable. And whether you built this company from scratch, inherited it, or bought it yourself, at the end of the day there are only a few options for you. You can keep the restoration and remediation business and ride it out forever, you can pass it on to your offspring, or you can sell it to the highest bidder. 

Probably, “selling my restoration and remediation business” is not one of your top skills, so for this reason you should enlist the help of a trained professional. 

Just like anything else, if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right, and having a helping hand will go a long way in making a sale.


Check the Clock

Selling your restoration and remediation business has everything to do with time. And you have to be fully on board no matter which type you choose. If you want to sell your restoration and remediation business, you need to conduct the process at the right time, There are three basic ways to do this:


If you are ready to be done with your business because of health, personal plans, or monetary reasons, you are in this group. A sale from start to finish will probably last 6-10 months.


For those who are ready to start thinking about the process but do not have immediacy, this is the timing for you. Your sale will happen in about 2-5 years, and you might even make a partial sale and stay in the business for a bit.


Finally, if you are enjoying your business and all is going well, you are on a plan to sell in 5+ years. This gives you time to establish stronger cash flow and make the most of your business before you sell.

Also Consider…


Besides the timing, you also need to consider your personal situation. If you have been wondering “How do I sell my restoration and remediation business,” you first need to look in the mirror. Are you in good health? Are you enjoying the business? Is there a prospective buyer lined up? Is there a recession looming? How is the supply chain? Do you have another hobby or business idea that is pulling you away? Look at yourself if you want to figure out how to sell restoration and remediation business.


Your restoration and remediation business is extremely valuable to those with mold, fire, or water damage. But beyond that, there are many prospective buyers who are looking to get into the market. If you find yourself saying “I want to sell my restoration and remediation business,” a business broker can help you find even more value in your business. While you are busy saving the world from fire and water damage, there are often prospective buyers looking to jump in.


Along with restoration and remediation, you need to look at the market of small businesses as a whole if you are ready to sell your restoration and remediation business. The truth is, the workforce is aging, and it is often difficult to find good workers. Additionally, the supply chain has never quite gotten back to the days before the pandemic. It might be a good time to get out from under your business, so that you will not have to worry about all of these intricacies.


It is time to study the trends so that you can answer the question: “Should I sell my restoration and remediation business?” The more you know about what is going on in today’s economy, the better off you will be in terms of deciding if and when to sell your business. Negative trends affect a sale, such as the propensity for recession, inflation, and supply chain issues. But there are also positive situations, such as companies wanting to diversify and grow, which will make them want to buy your business. Study both the good and the bad to decide if it is time to sell.


It takes a certain type of entrepreneur to run a restoration and remediation business, and let’s face it, your children just might not be up to the challenge. With long hours and a large share of challenges, this is not the kind of company for everyone. Sometimes business owners might think that a strong employee might take over the reins in the future, but that is not usually the case. Selling restoration and remediation business might be the best answer for all concerned.


Selling My Restoration and Remediation Business

When it comes time to sell your restoration and remediation business, there are two basic ways to do it. One is a full sale, and one is a partial sale. Each type of sale has pros and cons, and with a little thinking you can decide which one is right for you.

All the Way

If you are ready to retire or to head to another type of job, then a full sale might be for you. In this scenario, you hand over 100% of your restoration and remediation to the buyer for the agreed upon price. Although it says immediate, a sale still takes about 6-9 months to go through. Often, the old owner will stay on for a short time in an advisory role.

Inch By Inch

If you are interested in a more step by step approach, a partial sale is for you. You are not ready to retire completely, but you are ready to get some money in your bank account. A partial sale has you selling a majority, usually around 70-80%, and then you will stay on with the company to build the cash flow. Most owners stay anywhere from 2-5 years, and they work together with the buyer. When you do sell the rest of the company, you will likely have more cash flow, and get to take a “second bite of the apple.”

Down the Road

If you want to know how to sell my restoration and remediation business, but it is farther down the road, you are a good candidate for the 5+ year plan. If this sounds like you, work hard to solidify your cash flow now because cash will be king when you go to sell. If you wait until right before you sell the business and retire, you might not get as much out of the business as you could.


Sell a Remediation & Restoration Business

The experts at Brentwood Growth can set you up for success with all of the ins and outs of what to do if you want to sell restoration and remediation business. There is a lot at stake when it comes to selling your business, but we have a lot of experience and expertise to help you get the most from the sale of your business


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