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A Roofing Broker Will Take Your Roofing Company Sale to New Heights

For the average homeowner or business owner, their house or business is only as solid as their roof is. And that is what makes your roofing business so important. Whether your company is adding a new roof because of age, or taking care of a roof that was damaged in a storm, if it comes time for you to sell roofing company, then you need the help of a roofing business broker.

A roof protects and covers a building, just like a roofing business advisor or roofing business broker protects the sales deal.

If the thought of selling your roofing company has crossed your mind, then crossing paths with a roofing business broker will help you to understand all of the intricacies of a sale.

How Can a Business Broker Help Sell A Roofing Business?

Sink Into the Sale

Structuring a business sale is not for the faint of heart. And if you are busy running your roofing business, especially in times of weather crisis when you are particularly busy, you will not have the time or energy needed to fully understand and implement the sale process. With a roofing business advisor on your side, you can more easily learn about a total sale versus a percentage sale that allows you to take a “second bite of the apple” down the road. An experienced roofing broker will lean into elements of the sale that you might not even realize, like whether you will be paid in an earn-out or a cash payment, or how involved you will continue to be with the company.

Peruse the Purchaser

If you are ready to capitalize on selling your roofing company, you might be so worried about your business that you fail to consider the buyer. A roofing M&A consulting, however, will remind you that you need to have dedicated insights on who is interested in buying your company. Some buyers want union, while others prefer non-union. Some are interested in residential, and others in commercial roofing companies. And you can definitely learn a lot from the buyer’s social media presence. Let a roofing business advisor help you to understand the buyers so you can get the best possible deal in hand.

Advertise the Roofing Company

At the end of the day, you will only draw the right investors if you advertise your business correctly. Creating a competitive atmosphere around your business sale is the key to success, and your roofing business broker has all the tricks of the trade. With a quality Teaser page to lure prospective buyers, and a more fleshed out Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), your buyers will understand the intricate details of your business. If you want to be able to seamlessly run your business, let a roofing business broker take the marketing off of your hands.

Solidify the System

Even for the most successful roofing company, looking for a successful one-off sale can be daunting. But if you call on a roofing advisor, you will have an entire system of buyers and contacts already in place. Because the roofing company broker has already vetted the buyers, the entire process will run more smoothly. In addition to a wealth of buyers at the ready, your roofing business broker knows exactly how to work through the process, so that you can keep your eye on the prize: keeping roofs over customers’ heads.

Barter to Boost the Sale

Although you are well-versed in the roofing business, with all the intricacies of selling a business, now is the time to call in a trained professional. A roofing broker has the tenacity and the experience to bargain and barter with the buyers, thereby driving up the price. When bidding is competitive, your bottom line increases. With all the time and energy it takes to negotiate, having the experience of a roofing broker or roofing advisor is invaluable.

Study the Angles

A roofing business advisor will work all the angles of a sale while you are busy buttoning up your roofs. To follow through with the due diligence of any sale, there are mounds of paperwork that must be signed, and a plethora of financial, commercial, legal, and operational information that must be attended to. Additionally, the many legal documents must be dealt with, such as the employment agreement and Asset Purchase Agreement.

Manage the Sale With Confidence

No one can be in two places at one time, and if you are trying to run your roofing business while simultaneously selling it, that is a recipe for disaster. Do you have 3-6 months to commit to the phone calls, emails, paperwork, negotiations, and other paperwork and meetings that it will take to sell your business? That is doubtful. In addition to handling all of the busywork that comes with the sale of a business, the roofing broker is also an ace when it comes to confidentiality. You don’t want your employees and clients to know the business is for sale before it is the right time, and the roofing broker will be able to keep it under wraps.


Ready to Sell a Roofing Business?

At Brentwood Growth, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and service to our clients. With our seller side loyalty covering everything we do, let our roofing business brokers assist you with the sale of your business. We don’t get paid unless your business sells.

Contact us today and see the difference a roofing M&A consultant can make for you.

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